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Главная » 2012 » Июль » 8 » No Mercy x10000 - Classical PVP Gracia Epilogue

No Mercy x10000 - Classical PVP Gracia Epilogue


No Mercy x10000 - Classical PVP Gracia Epilogue


Our principles are

  1. Stability and maximum realization;
  2. The maximum active administration.

Our goodies that distinguish our server to other servers, commonplace opening event:

  • Event instance, as a group and solo.
  • A unique wedding,
  • Raid Bosses are to farm-in kraft servers, we have access to them through the teleport, for example: (Anacom, Liliz, Valakas)
  • Unique cloaks (not giving items such you have not seen)
  • Epic Jewels in the store,
  • Easy farm production uniqueness.
  • Best PvP Player and Top Angler, each gets an hour to 20 FA.
  • It is also much more remains a secret in the game!

The game is in the description of the server, you will find plenty of voice commands that will help you in the future!

Our Rates are exceeding not allow stats to cosmic heights! the balance is fully complied with!

Details about the server

All of Aden, one (We decided to make the server as such: for it makes no sense to farm Vesper that for that 20 minutes in 1 minute! In this pvp server should be less zadrostva and more fun.!)

  • At the start of 85 Lvl. and 3 mil.aden
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd occupation for free
  • Subclass without quest, Noble is taken at the NPC for 10 adena
  • Auto learning skills, as well 81 + skills
  • Buffer - All basic buffs, dance, song duration of 24 hours, 50 buffs with preservation buffs
  • Weapons, armor and jewelry available in the game store in Aden, to the S84 grade;
  • On our site you will find many useful and convenient services;
  • Implementation of all locations Epilogue;
  • New Epic and Raid Bosses;
  • Transformation, certification, attributes;
  • Full support of Dynasty and Vesper armor sets and jewelry, Dynasty, Icarus, and Vesper weapons;
  • Sharpening system - we can sharpen your weapons to +3 without failure, a single armor up to three full armor (fullarmor) to +4, jewelry and +3. Further sharpening can cause damage to the object on the crystals, the chance of sharpening for all items on Ofu.

The restriction on the maximum level of sharpening:
- Weapon +16, Armor +18, Jewellery +18
Bless the chance to sharpen 85%, Attributes 100/100%.

Basic implementation on the server

  • A fully working quest chain epic seven seals;
  • Olympics - class, non-class, and 3x3;
  • The territorial war;
  • Seed of Destruction (Seed of Destruction);
  • Flying clan ships;
  • Correctly operate all SA weapons;
  • Unique GEODATA;
  • The best defense against bugs, Dyupov, Brutus, etc.;
  • Siege of the forts and castles;
  • Siege of elite CH;
  • Working Hellbound Island with all quests, monsters and RB (level 11 CB);
  • Fixed the war of raid bosses and Epic;
  • Offline Trade and craft;
  • Subclass certification system with all the skill;
  • New skills with the division of the clan by rank, clan divisions, clan points - A new system of privileges;
  • Fully working paylake;
  • Fully working Kamaloka;
  • New skills for all races in the 80-85 levels.
  • All skills working on PvP server (which means that skills are adapted to the balance in pvp and buff)

Auto opening event

  • CTF (Capture The Flag); prize for winning: Rice Cake 10. BSOE 2. BRS 2. Fa 20. And Uniqueness: For each delivered by the enemy flag to your base, you get to an F
  • Find Leprikona every hour! The prize - 20 FA

Attention! Administration of the server, put a strict ban on foul language, as a provocation, trolling. (Punishment is very severe)

Administration Server, you want a nice game!

Рейты: x10000
Открытие: 8 июля 2012 в 3:00 AM Great Britain Time
Оцени сервер:
Рейтинг: 3.8/17

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Категория: Gracia Epilogue (Грация Эпилог) | Просмотров: 3986 | Добавил: admin
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